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Sunday Morning Worship & Word 11/09-14


Good Morning everyone, as I write this I can tell you God is moving our little church this morning, the worship was amazing and the Lord made his presence felt. Pastor Dennis is preaching this morning starting out in Deuteronomy, Psalms, and Proverbs talking about Heaven and God’s love for us. God Loves you and […]

Sunday Morning Worship & Word 11/02/14


Pastor Matt and the Worship team lead us to heavens throne room with a spirit filled worship service. Pastor Dennis returns from a sabbatical after coming back from India and the missions trips very sick and tired. If he was still sick he certainly didn’t show it, bringing the classic Pastor Dennis energy recharging our […]

Sunday Night Holy Ghost Rally 11/02/14

Pastor Matt bringing the Word!

We start tonight’s Holy Ghost rally with Brother Jim and the worship team ushering in the Lords presence. Pastor Matt talks about the movie “Fury” (spoiler alert) and the way the soldiers kept moving through trials. Pastor Matt also talks about Job and the trials we all go through and then the blessing the Lord […]

Fathers Day with Pastor Matt

Fathers Day with Pastor Matt

Happy Fathers Day! Asst. Pastor Matt Montgomery speaks the word today and honors Pastor Dennis Montgomery in more ways then one. Trust me when I say this is a great message and you want to hear it, specially if your a father or a son 😉